Zoning Regulations: Instead of forming a committee, BBMP should focus on implementing

February 06, 2017, Bengaluru: On Thursday, February 02, 2017, Namma Bengaluru Foundation along with representatives from 17 Residential Welfare Associations met Shrimathi. G Padmavathi, Worshipful Mayor of Bengaluru and Shri . Anand, Deputy Mayor of Bengaluru to put forward their concern about the rampant illegal commercial establishments in residential areas.

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) council has decided to form an all-party committee to review commercial activities in residential areas. The RWAs opined that the setting up of a committee is an unnecessary activity as the existing law is clear and prohibits commercialization of residential areas. The panel mooting any recommendations to regularize these will be in contempt of the Hon’ble High Court order no. 3676/ 2008. 

The Court had in its interim order in 2012 directed the BBMP to undo the changes to the Revised Master Plan 2015 and disallow commercial activities in roads having a width of 40ft and less. 

The purpose of meeting the Mayor was to request her to instruct the civic body to not go ahead and form the committee in this matter and to request her to implement the ruling that has been pending since 2012, and in her tenure. After an hour of deliberation, the Mayor assured NBF and the 17 RWAs that she will take up the matter in council. 

During themeeting, Mr. Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO, Namma Bengaluru Foundationstressed that, “BBMP has to implement the High Court order in the WP 3676. Theyneed to be meticulous in issuing notices as per the Zoning Regulations and wehave shared a simplified rule note for the BBMP to validate and pursue further.Any attempt by this BBMP step committee to relax the norms laid out through thecourt order will be tantamount to the contempt of the High Court order. Hence,we urged the Mayor to educate the council on the High Court order as well as thezoning regulations from the master plan.” 

During themeeting Ms. Sneha Nandihal, President, BM Kaval ResidentialWelfare Association stated that, “The enforcement of this law has been pendingsince 2012, four years down the line we are once again looking at reinventingthe wheel. BBMP needs to begin enforcement on a war footing and as per law” 

During themeeting Mr. CN Kumar, Member, FORCE, Jayanagar stated that,“The Revised Master Plan 2015 clearly demarcates residential and commercialareas. Certain commercial activities that are in the nature of neighbourhoodconveniences are permitted in appropriate residential areas. ”

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