5 Yoga Poses to Stretch Your Body Before Trekking

There is a lot of similarity in the practice of yoga and trekking. Both these exercises work on correcting the breath, breath control, stretching, mental work, and spiritual awakening. Both these practices are very personal practices for each individual. When trekking takes you places and mesmerising landscapes, yoga takes you through the terrains of your heart and mind, emotions and feelings. The practice of trekking is so holistic that it can almost be compared to the practice of yoga. Though trekking is a bit of a rough activity compared to yoga which can be done in one area, trekking has its own rewards. The rewards of trekking are exploration and discovery of the things that you had never witnessed before.

1. Trekking In Nepal

trekking in Nepal does not burn a huge hole in your pocket, that’s why Nepal is afavourite amongst enthusiasts. One of the most famous tracks for trekking isthe Everest base camp trekking in Nepal. People, who want to get close to the highestmountain in the world, opt for this trekking trail once in Nepal.

There is a long list of foods that you should eatwhile on a trekking trip, but there are 5 important foods and beverages thatyou must absolutely avoid while starting on a trekking journey.


While preparing yourself for a trek, you must take care of thefollowing:

·        ·        ·        ·        ·        It is very easy to start on a trekking journey if your body is ready andwell stretched. These are a few yoga asana to perform before on a journey toyour trekking destination.

1.     This is an asana that works wonders for your concentration, focus,grounding and the balance of your mind and body.  While performing this asana you resemble atree and take a stance that works on your grounding.

To perform thisasana:

Stand straight with a straight back.  Now place the sole of one foot on the innerthigh of the other leg. Once you have obtained balance while doing this, joinboth your hands in a Namaste above your head and stretch towards the sky. Stayin this position till as long as you feel comfortable to do so. Now repeat thesame with the other leg.


2.     :

The navasana or the boat pose, works on your core body strength, itworks on strengthening your legs, back and the abdomen area. This is a goodpose to work your hip flexors.

To perform thisasana:

Sit on your hips and stretch both your legs up in the sky. As youstretch both your legs in the sky, you will notice that your back inclines alittle backwards. Balance your entire body on the tailbone and stretch yourhands ahead of you. You will form the alphabet V while performing this pose.Stay in this asana for as long as you find it comfortable.


3.     This is another pose that gives you a good stretch from head to toe.This asana is beneficial for your overall balance while trekking and opens upyour entire body.

To perform this pose:

Stand on one leg, and bend forward from the waist. Stretch your handsahead of you. The leg that you are not standing on will go behind of you,horizontally. Stay in this pose for as long as it is comfortable and repeat itwith the other leg.


4.     This is the plank pose; it works on the core body strength and armstrength. This is done to obtain a balance especially of the upper body. Italso does great to tone the core muscles of your body

To perform thisasana:

Stretch your legs horizontally on the ground with both your handsresting besides your body, facing the ground. Now use your arms to lift yourentire body above the ground forming an acute angle to the ground. The entirebody weight is now resting on your arms and toes. Stay in this pose for as longas you can breathe freely and find it comfortable.


5.     Ujjayi breath:

One of the most important aspects of trekking is breathing. You need togive your lungs an exercise to be able to use them in their full capacity.Ocean breath or Ujjayi breath is an effective way to correct and exercise yourbreathing pattern.

To perform thisasana:

Sit with your legs crossed and inhale a lot of air. Now exhale all thisair at once, pushing it from your diaphragm. This makes a windy sound thatsounds like the winds passing on an ocean surface. Do this 5 times and repeatin intervals.

Performing these asanas before your trekking will help your body open upand function in all its capacities. 

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