Popular Trekking Places in Bhutan

The best months to visit Bhutan are from March to May and September to October which is similar to seasons for trekking in India. Bhutan tourism makes sure that you will arrange your tours through a local agent. During the trekking in Bhutan, you will be accompanied by a cook, camping assistant, horses to carry your gear, and a guide. Take a look at some of the greatest treks in Bhutan to explore: The Jomolhari trek This 8 days trek makes you experience moderately challenging Bhonte la pass (16000 ft) and Tak-hung la pass(4,520m). The main attraction of this trek is Jomolhari Mountain which bestrides the border between Tibet and Bhutan, and is known as the ‘bride of Kanchenjunga’. You may attend Jolmohari mountain festival if you are a connoisseur of culture and traditions. This annual event celebrated by local villagers varies from year to year. Druk path trek This 6 days trek is fit for new trekkers. This trek starts from Paro and takes you to the mountain of Thimpu which lies in the adjacent valley. In this trek, you will get a chance to reach from 2000m to 4200m. This trek covers pine forests; the alpine lake is famous for its large trout. On the way back to Thimpu Mountain you will get a chance to see Bhutan’s tallest peak Gangkar Puensum. In 1994 Bhutan government stopped allowing climbing of peaks higher than 6000m so, unless the policy changes you cannot climb these peaks. Snowmen trek Snowmen trek is one of the most famous and challenging trekking routes in the world. If you are looking to spent almost a month then this trek is for you. You can cover this trek in approximately 25 days depending upon the starting point. This is one of the most challenging routes; it crosses 11 passes the tallest of them being Jaze la, 5251m, Loju la, 5155m, Gangla Kurchang la at 5230m, and Rinchen Zoe la at 5332m. This trek covers the isolated parts of the country and possible chances are that you are going to be on your own. You will get lots of 'me' time. Duer hot springs trek You may not want to spend a whole month trekking, but wish to explore snowman trek; this route is tricky and covers some parts of the snowmen trek. The highlight of this trek is Duer Hotspring; it is one of the most flawless and engaging in all the Himalayas. You will get a chance to climb Juli la (4700m) but be prepared for numerous climbs during your journey. You will witness a beautiful forest on your way; unlike other locations, you will come back from the same route. Dagala thousand lakes trek If you want to experience fishing during your trek; this 6 days trek is challenging yet makes you experience tremendous alpine lakes famous for fishing. This trek has a serene view of the Himalayas, including the Everest and Kanchenjunga. If you are interested in fishing, you have to take a license that is available at a minimum cost. The highest point of this trek is 4500m. Bumthang owl trek If a long weekend is around the corner and you are an adventurous person; Bumthang owl trek will suit your needs. These 3 days are a great option to get a feel of local culture and enjoy the views of the mountains. The best time to visit this place is between April to May. Like its name, you can also do bird watching, and if you’re lucky, you can see black bears as they are very common in this region. This trail starts near Drangela pass 3600m; you can have serene views of the Gangkar Puensum. Coming down from the trek you will get the opportunity to visit some of the very famous monasteries including the Chuedak monastery. Source: ( https://www.bookmountaintours.com/ )

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