Why Yoga is Amazing for Health Benefits?

The practice of yoga has spread like wildfire into homes and families across the world. Even from a basic knowledge of asanas and postures to perform in this practice, one comes very close to a healthy alignment of their own being. This alignment helps you lead life in a better manner, take better decisions, concentrate on what is necessary, and open doors for positive reinforcements. If you’re an avid yoga practitioner, you will have experienced the above changes in your life and can attest to the positivity it has brought to you. How amazing is it to be alive in this time of the world, when there is still chance for us to make it a better place for everyone to live in harmony? The world may be chaotic, and things are leading to a war against humanity, but imagine how amazing it would be to have positive reinforcements change you as a person so that even one person does not wage this war against humanity and can think positively for the rest of their lives. Every drop fills the ocean, and in this drying ocean of humanity let us be that drop who is flowing in the current to fill this ocean. It takes a lot of hard work, to be that drop. One must work on their selves in detail, carving the soul, maintaining support to your body and watering your mind when needed. These are the things that one can achieve through the practice of yoga. For it is a practice that discriminates no being, in age, in physical appearance, in race, in nationality in nothing that is man-made, it brings about refinement within every kind of being. As you start on this enlightening journey, a lot of amazing health benefits will fall on your way, even major diseases like joint pains, arthritis, high blood pressure and obesity fails to continue its effects on people who practice yoga every day.

1. Here are a few amazing health benefits to Yoga that should motivate you further:

Say ‘Hi’ to yourflexible self:

Do youfeel like you walk funny because your legs don’t do a full stretch while youwalk? Like you are not using your body to its full potential? Like you’re notsatisfied with what your body is performing. That is because you may not havefully opened all your chakras and that is rigidifying your body tone. Yogahelps you with your flexibility, it makes you stretch to your full potential tomake you realise all the space that you are fearing to take up because you mayfeel clumsy about using a lot of space. You learn to be at peace with themovements and even better, you feel content to be moving freely and in awholesome manner.

Build your posture:

For someweird reason, we’re all aware of the infamous “slouch” of the shoulders, in theoffice, in the metros, in the bars and everywhere around you and maybe even youyourself are donning the “shoulder slouch” without your knowledge. Yoga helpsyou overcome your bad postures and brings in the good posture. The asanas andpostures you perform while doing yoga strengthens your backbone which is the keyto a good posture and they literally help you stand tall.

Correct your breath(pulls you out of the habit of shallow breathing):

Theasanas in Yoga are fuelled by correct breathing. Breath is so core to yoga,because it aligns your body rhythm to affect the mental function furtherreaching to your spirit and bringing you closer to it. Correct breathing alsoreveals to you, your natural rhythm and once you find this rhythm you can startto build on it for enhancements.

Strong muscles andcardio strength:

Yogafocuses on building your cardio strength so that your muscles get the energy tobuild from within. When you are using an external force to put pressure on yourmuscles, they build themselves and remain in a state of challenge rather than arelaxed build up. When you do asanas and poses, you are accumulating andbuilding the energy for your muscles to strengthen from within yourself andhence your body remains in a relaxed state even after rigorous yoga sessions.

There aremillions who have started on a yogic journey and have reached another level ofrefinement altogether. For those of you still unsure, yoga originated in Indiaand is still practiced vastly in this country. In fact, Rishikesh in India isthe Hub of Yoga. There are a plenty of  luxury yoga retreats in India as well, forthose who can afford an exclusive yoga experience. What is better place toexperience yoga, than its birthplace itself?


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