Winter Destinations for Yoga Holidays in Southeast Asia

“To me, good health is more than just exercise and diet. Its really a point of view and a mental attitude you have about yourself.” Albert Schweitzer This whole year you have been up to a lot of things. Things that have blown your mind away, stressed you out and drawn out the positive side from you as well. As the year comes to an end, it is time to let go of the past and renew the new you. It is time to refresh and rejuvenate and book yoga retreats. But this time to Southeast Asia, where there are plenty of yoga retreats and sessions held. Unwind, relax and stretch out the negativities in you, and head on to one of the retreat centers to find inner peace, strength and more. This way you get to take out time for yourself, reconnect the body and the mind, and also find the inner calm that you so long have been craving for. This holiday season makes it magical and enchanting by treating yourself to a retreat at one of the best Southeast Asia destinations to vacation at. There are many places for you to go and see, or to enjoy yoga holidays at. Without much ado, here are a couple of winter destinations for yoga holidays located in Southeast Asia for you to ponder upon. Please read on and be well-informed. Come to India for yoga retreats In the year 2019, India was ranked as second for being the top place to travel for Yoga Retreats India. But come 2020, it would be on the top spot and is widely recognized as par excellence as a yoga destination. It comes thus as no surprise that India is the cradle for yoga excellence and for authentic retreats too. The country offers a very mystical atmosphere that allows one to connect to their inner selves. And you get to practice yoga with the guidance of trained yogis and gurus too who are renowned and have many years of experience under their belts. And if you are a seasoned practitioner of yoga, you could even get started with yoga teacher training in India at Yoga Retreats India. There are many courses to choose from. Head on to Indonesia for yoga Indonesia is ranked as one of the best destinations to head to during the holiday season, especially during the winter months. This place is also known as the Island of Gods, and it has an undeniably magical atmosphere and a very strong spiritual vibe too. The flagship of yoga is in Bali, Indonesia and there are plenty of Yoga Holidays in Bali to choose from. Thanks to the breathtaking scenery and a healthy lifestyle around, along with well-known yogis and gurus, and plenty of yoga styles, spending your winter holidays here in Bali would be bliss. The best time to visit Bali, Indonesia would be the dry season, which is from March and July. But the winter months make for a great vacation period too. You must visit Bali, along with other places such as Canggu, Seminayak and Ubud, while you spend Yoga Holidays in Bali. Have a special vacation in Thailand Coming to Thailand this winter season would be a great choice to make. It is indescribable and a special feeling to be here in Thailand. And as soon as you put land in the country, your body and mind are filled with joy and peace at the same time. This country is predominantly a Buddhist one, and the culture here is a vibrant mix. You have the kindest people around in Thailand, and many festivals to enjoy as well. Take a tour of the quaint villages and the majestic temples too, and walk along on the sandy white beaches as well and enjoy Yoga Retreats Thailand. Do indulge in the local cuisine which is delicious and lip smacking. Moreover, the Land of Smiles, Thailand is known to be a very affordable place to visit and enjoy. November and January are the best months to visit in between for Yoga Retreats Thailand. And the famous places you should check out are Chiang Mai, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Phuket. Check out Pokhara, Nepal this winter Set in the mighty Himalayan Kingdom, Pokhara, Nepal is the place to be for peace and tranquility this holiday season. Pokhara is a very picturesque spot in Nepal and is breathtaking too. It has a majestic view of the mighty Annapurna mountain range and a lake as well. Pokhara is known to be a paradise for tourists and backpackers, and is a place for you to chill out and hang out too. In the recent past, this place has also become one of the hotspots for yoga too. Thanks to the surrounding scenery which is mindblowing and breathtaking, meditating here would be easy. You can practice yoga and meditation while vacationing here in Pokhara and practice asanas in five star luxury resorts too. There is a lot to see and do in Pokhara, which makes it a must visit place this holiday season. So take time out to visit Nepal this holiday season, the land of doe eyed people and warm loving locals’ welcomes you aboard. Come to Cambodia to experience winter wellness and more There is a lot to do and see in the country of Cambodia, which is a beautiful nation with friendly warm people always welcoming you with open arms. There are plenty of boutique resorts and wellness centers around here in the ancient city of Siem Reap, and there are many more places where you can practice yoga whilst vacationing in this beautiful country this holiday season. Experience the new culture and the famous Cambodian hospitality too, most of which are centered on refreshing yoga and meditation programs. Most centers here have group and private yoga classes, mind blowing spa treatments and free complimentary breakfasts too. Take time out to mingle with the people and experience the culture too, you would find it fascinating, we promise. In a nutshell… We hope this post on the best places to book yoga retreats for winter destinations to enjoy your holidays comes in handy? Do write in and let us know if you have been to any of these places before, we would like to know your experience.

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