Things to Know Before Taking Ayurvedic Medicine

In Ayurvedic texts, there are several herbs, mineral, and herbomineral formulations that are together called Ayurvedic Medicines. Each of these medications has its own use, benefits, as per the chosen Ayurvedic treatments recommended by experts as per your Dosha.

1. Things to Know Before Taking Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is a beneficialmethod to treat an ailment, but it is very important to know everything aboutAyurvedic medicine before consuming it. Learn more about Ayurvedic medicinethrough this read. 

No matter how old we are,medicine in any form is not liked by anyone. But living the sedentary lifestyleof today and considering the environmental condition, many of us get affectedby one or the other health issue. To treat the body, it is better to switch toa natural and unadulterated form of healing like Ayurveda. 

Modern doctors and scientistsstill use plants to make medicine. The first medicines were plants as theyseemed to relieve pain and cure ailments. 

Imagine you’re a kidliving thousand years ago, who get serious health issue. How would your parentshelp you?

They would say plants. 

Similarly, Ayurveda bringsto you the ancient old way of getting healed and restoring health. Ayurveda School in India is thebest way to get aware of the ancient healing science profoundly.

Originating in the divineland of India, Ayurveda is the oldest health care regime and the bestalternative medicine system. Ayurveda treats the body and mind using items fromnature that includes herbs, oil, medicinal plants, and more. They play a majorrole during the program of Ayurveda massage, Ayurveda beauty, and Ayurveda cooking courses in India. 

But before you getenrolled for any Ayurveda courses in Kerala or switch to Ayurveda, here are some facts to know aboutAyurvedic medicine. 

Ayurveda MedicineExplained

In Ayurvedic texts, thereare several herbs, mineral, and herbomineral formulations that are togethercalled Ayurvedic Medicines. Each of these medications has its own use,benefits, as per the chosen Ayurvedic treatments recommended by experts as peryour Dosha. 

Dosha is an importantaspect, which we discuss later in the article. 

Talking about Ayurvedicmedicines, they are of several categories. 

Ayurveda MedicineCategories

Ayurvedic medicines arecategorized under many categories based mainly on its method of preparation andingredients. 

·        Arq or Distillate

·        Asava Arishtha

·        Bhasma & Pishti 

·        Churna

·        Ghirta or Ghritam

·        Guggulu Preparations

·        Kashayam & Kwath (Decoction)

·        Lauh & Mandur

·        Lehyam & Avaleha

·        Kupipakwa Rasayana

·        Murabba

·        Rasa

·        Sharbat

·        Thailam (Ayurvedic Oils)

·        Vati & Gutika

You learn to prepare anduse these medicines during Ayurveda training in India. 

Ayurvedic Natural andUnnatural Form of Medicine

Natural form ofmedications that include herbs, dried herbs powder, fresh juice, freshdecoction using milk or water, herbal paste, etc. are safer options. Anunnatural form like Ayurvedic herbal pills, packaged medicine, etc. might leadto side-effects similarly as allopathic medicine. 

Ayurvedic Medicine andEffective Results 

There is a myth thatAyurvedic medicines are slow in action, which hold many patients to switch tothis natural way of restoring health. Ayurvedic medicine focuses on the rootcause of the problem and then treats it deeply to prevent reoccurrencepermanently or for a longer time. 

Ayurvedic Medicine Workingwith Dosha 

Distorted Health orailment is the result of the dosha imbalance in the body. These doshas - Vata,Pitta, and Kapha are considered during Ayurveda treatment and medicines arealso prescribed in accordance with these doshas. Each individual has somepersonality of each dosha, but usually, any two of them are dominant in anindividual’s body and govern the body type and other tendencies. 

Working of the AyurvedicMedicines

The Ayurvedic medicationconcept is simple, which recommends a well-balanced diet, lifestyle change, andprescribed medicines to heal the ailment. The medicine focuses on balancing thedoshas and prescribes further treatment accordingly. 

Be Specific aboutAyurvedic Medicine Consumption

Like you follow certainprotocols while consuming other forms of medicine, Ayurveda also asks you to becareful about certain things. During the intake of Ayurvedic medicines, thereis a particular time and diet you need to follow. Some of the medicines need tobe consumed with milk, warm water, certain decoction, before or after food, oron an empty stomach. So always be careful and have it in a proper way foreffective and faster results. 

Always ensure to consumeprescribed medicines and complete the full course of your medicines. 

Ayurveda is an incredibleconcept that holistically heals the body and mind, and takes care of you. 


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